Open Wichita is a community organization focused on exploring the ways technology can be used to improve the quality of life for Wichitans. We know that our city can be better. We believe that we can make it better by using data and technology in new and creative ways.

We are open to anyone and everyone who cares about making Wichita a better place using creative solutions. We are committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all, read the Code for America Code of Conduct for more information.

Ready to get involved? -

Just show up at our next regular event, and join in the conversation on Slack!

Why is this important?

Communities across the globe have experienced the benefits of open data and civic technology, such as:

How can I contribute?

Open Wichita needs all the help it can get from talents of all kinds! Designers, developers, marketers, individuals plugged into local politics, and anyone with a passion for transparent government and open data.

To be involved, make sure you join us in Slack.

That’s our main place to stay connected and organized. Every Wednesday evening at 8pm we have Virtual Hack Nights that take place in Slack!

Specific help requests are posted on our Help Wanted repo.

Let’s talk!

Discussion is happening in the Open Wichita Slack team. Come get involved and tell us what you think! Just show up to our next event, they’re open to everyone! You can also get in on the conversation now by joining us in Slack. Click the link or the button below to get your invite.

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